Ever since I was little, I always loved taking pictures. When I would hang out with my dad, he would have a new disposable camera waiting for me to create something special. Once I finished the roll, we would go to Target and get them developed, and then look at the photos of our memories. When he passed away in 2009, I was left with the moments I captured in that little box of plastic. Even though we would never be able to hang out again, I was able to remember his raspy laugh and the plunk of fishing bob as it hit the lake, or the long scenic drives up to my uncle's house in Graeagle, and going kayaking with my old dog Scruffy. That's what ultimately made me fall in love with photography – I was given the ability to freeze those moments and hang onto them for the rest of my life. That gift is something I want to give to all of the clients who pick me to capture their most precious moments. I thought I wanted to be a lawyer, but after mentoring with one, I decided that working my days in an office wasn't meant for me. I wanted to wake up every single day and be so excited about what every day had in store for me. In 2013, I started college at the Art Institute of San Francisco, where I graduated 3 years later with my B.S in Digital Photography. From there, I started my own business which leads me where I am today, with ten wedding seasons under my belt!

How it all began

I'm frequently described as "literal sunshine" – you can hear my laugh across the room, I give every single person I meet a hug, and you'll have to pull me away from the dance floor at the end of your night. I just love people + having some freaking fun!

When I'm not busy photographing your memories, you can find me hanging out with my boyfriend Brandon, who is my best friend + love of my life! I'm based in New Hampshire, but my bags are packed and I'm always ready for my next adventure! I looove to travel – whether it's a road trip around New England, checking another national park off of my list, or catching a flight to explore a new city I haven't been to yet, I'm always dreaming up new travel plans!

I'm obsessed with dogs... like, OBSESSED. I don't have my own yet, but I'm always trying to spot an Aussie/Golden Retriever to pet – they're my favorite! I eat sandwiches almost every single day of my life (Ike's is my love language), and I'll never turn down a glass of champagne. 

What  I'm all about

3 + 13 are my favorite numbers, and show up a lot in my life. AND! I have the same birthday as Taylor Swift! (December 13!) (Okay and funny story: I bought fake tickets to her 1989 Tour, I cried, the lady at the gate was an angel + let me go in anyway!!)

No. 1

5 Fun Facts About Me

I LOVE SNACKS! If I could eat one snack for the rest of my life it would be brie, crackers, prosciutto, and champagne.

I don't like or drink coffee, hate eggs, and I've NEVER had a peanut butter + jelly sandwich!

No. 2

5 Fun Facts About Me

If I wasn't a photographer, I would have a little farm in the middle of no where (but also conveniently near a target some how?) and I'd have sooo many animals – dogs, chickens, horses, maybe even a goat!! I'd just tend to my animals all day and snuggle them.

No. 3

5 Fun Facts About Me

I loooove plants! Every time I go to Trader Joes I basically buy a new friend to take home with me. I have tons around my house and it makes me so so happy! I'm definitely not an expert at taking care of them though, so please don't ask me any questions HAHA

No. 4

5 Fun Facts About Me

No. 5

If I could live anywhere in the whole world, it would for sure be Oahu! I went for the first time in early 2019 and completely fell in love with the warm ocean, perfect beaches, and incredible sunsets. And don't get me started on Giovanni's Shrimp Truck. MMMM.

5 Fun Facts About Me

March TBD | Bay Area
October 17-20 | Vermont
November/December TBD | Bay Area


Early March TBD | Bay Area
June 9-11 | Maine
July 7-9 | Vermont
August 11-13 | Vermont
September 7-11 | Newport, RI
October 12-15 | Maine
November TBD | Bay Area


So I try to fit it into my schedule as much as possible! There's nothing I love more than hopping on a plane and exploring new places, especially with a camera in hand.

If you'd like to book a session or wedding at one of the locations I'm headed (with drastically reduced/no travel fees), let's plan something fun!

Travel is a huge priority in my life,